Brake pedal assembly lines Brake pedal assembly lines

This production line is exported to the United States, the production line adopts semi-automatic + automatic mode with a time rhythm of 25s. There are 8 stations and 4 people operating in total. Among them, the automatic station adopts double speed chain to transport the workpiece between the stations, automatic riveting to the central shaft tube, automatic Tox riveting and detection, automatic riveting of aluminum rivet, automatic assembly of pedal pad and automatic oil injection of the central shaft tube. Automatic screw tightening and data saving, automatic label printing and automatic adhesion. Automatically check the space size of XYZ of pedal pad and save data

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Forys is devoted to the design, manufacture, sale and service of automatic assembly line, inspection equipment and other non-standard equipment . As a system integrator covering system design, electrical control, manufacturing and maintenance, we are able to design and develop a wide range of automated assembly lines and inspection equipments with modern information technology as the core while incorporating modern logistic technology, computer intelligence technology, expert system, intelligent sensor technology ,modern control theory and methodology and modern logistics technology ,which are widely used in automobiles,industrial electrics, chemical industry ,war industry and other high-tech industries. Continue reading UPM Conflict Materials Policy »

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